Saturday, February 13, 2016

A little hacking to connect Medela parts to the Spectra Breastpump, if you feel the need!

It has been about 7 months since I started to carry the Spectra S1 and S2 pumps. This by far has been my best experience ever working with a breastpump company, and I  have worked with the "big boys." The other awesome thing about Spectra is that, it is the first time I have ever received positive feedback on a pump without asking. Normally, I hear from clients when there is a problem. This is new territory, and I am loving it!

Probably the one complaint on the pump, yeah, there is one, is that other bottles do not fit onto the system. Normally, I would say not a big deal, but  if this is not your first go round with pumping, you probably have many bottles and flanges from your previous pumping experiences. More than likely, the parts in question are from...drum roll, please...Medela. What to do what to do, as it can be costly to stock up once again if insurance will not cover extra accessories.

Thanks to friend, client and pumping mom, Melissa M., here is step by step instructions on how to mesh those Medela parts with the Spectra Breastpump. *Keep in mind that this could void any Spectra Warranty.

1. Purchase Medela Free-Style Flanges (closed system). The reason to use the Freestyle Flanges and not the Pump n Style Flanges is to keep the Spectra a closed system. A closed system keeps moisture from getting into the motor, which can result in mold.

2. Purchase the tubing for this flange at Maymom. Why go to this trouble of using Maymom? It is easier to slice the tubing they offer.

3. Using a razor blade, sharp knife or the sharp edge of some scissors, make a slit in the tubing near the yellow connector, and remove two yellow connectors.

4. Then insert the yellow connector from the Maymom tubing into the Spectra tubing.

5. Lastly insert the connector into the back of the Freestyle flange and your done. 

6. Final note is that this will then be compatible with Pumpin Pals.

Again, thank you to Melissa for sharing these tips!